Top offer

Domestic offers - A wide range of services in Budapest and in the whole country waits for the groups and individual guests:

- city tours by coach or on foot;

- round trips and excursions;

- transfers and others;

- special programs are available for our guests' disposal, like:

     * wine testing and gourmet tours

     * wellness- and spa packages

All the programs may include medical treatments as well, included in packages as well as on request.



Abroad - we offer a full ayurvedic treatment in Kerala (India) for individual guests. This Panchakarma care is the top of any wellness packages in India. Guests are received for one week to 10 days, just to try ayurvedic care.

For any deseases, two or more weeks are available for full cure.

Packages involve transfer from airport to resort and back, consultations, major ayurveda treatments every day, internal medicines 4-5 times daily, accommodation in cottages in 2 beds, attached shower, AC, ayurvedic vegetarian diet, herbal drinking water and everyday yoga classes. 

We are also providing services for ayurveda panchakarma training, and basics of ayurveda course. 

In addition to ayurvedic health care, we also provide astrology consultations, local town visits, temple visits etc. Kerala has a number of tourism locations.  Thrissur is a cultural capital of Kerala and is renowned for all the traditional activities.  It is known for back waters with house boats, hill stations and beaches.