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Welcome to our website. Hq-TravelMed TO, with a 40-year-long tourist experience, started its existence in the beginning of 2016, to fill the requirements and demands of health patients. 


Our site was created to promote oral health care service in Hungary. Once you have made the decision to improve your smile, and furthermore, you want to save, we may be able to help you; our purpose is to provide you a high quality dental service in pleasant surroundings at affordable prices. The highest measure of our success is the referral of satisfied clients.

Hq-TravelMed TO. got in contact with one of the best dental service in Hungary which co-operates with superior dentists. 


Dentistry’s offers are: full range of dental procedures, including

  • preventive (patient education, cleanings, periodontal treatments, sealants),
  • surgical (tooth extraction, tooth extrusion, root resection, removal of dental cyst, tooth implants),
  • conservative (root canal treatment, tooth-coloured fillings, ceramic in-lays and on-lays),
  • restorative (porcelain crowns, bridges, composite fillings, partial and full dentures, dental implants),
  • cosmetic (porcelain veneers, porcelain crowns and bridges, bonding technologies, bleaching, metal-free solutions, teeth whitening)
  • and teeth straightening (every kind of fixed or removable devices: braces, retainers, bite planes, functional appliances, headgears, dentofacial orthopedics) treatments.

 Check, what is right for you. It is the time to see what options are available to bring out the best in your smile!



Over health service, you can find other standard tourist packages for groups and individuals. 

  • We book accommodations in hotels, pensions or private flats;
  • we organize various cultural programs, excursions and trips;
  • Any restaurant or wine cellar?
  • we provide guides and
  • you can book long distance coaches for transportation in Hungary as well as abroad.
  • Last, but not least, our Ayurvedic massages are quite a unique service. Have a restful pampering, have a restful holiday.                                                                      
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